We love this local Sugar Land artist, Whitney Rahim! She created these fun minis just for The Goodie Edit. They are great as a set or individual.


Size 6"x 6"


About the Artist:

Whitney Rahim is a Texas-based abstract artist who is drawn to the movement, colors, and depth found in impressionist paintings. She uses a variety of mediums including oil, watercolor, acrylics, and pastels. Her eye is acutely aware of the different hues and depth in color and her brain sees the way that colors work together to tell a story and convey emotion. 

From the early days of shocking her mother by splatter painting their kitchen, Whitney has always been drawn to creating. Now a mother herself, painting continues to give her imagination a place to play. 

Whitney’s work is strongly influenced by her international travels. Growing up, her family lived in the Netherlands, China, Canada, and London. She was fortunate to see the world at a young age and often falls back into time. As she paints, she gets lost on a beach or in a field of flowers, forgetting she is working at her kitchen table in Sugar Land, Texas. 

At the core of her career as an artist is Whitney’s belief that bravery and courage are necessary ingredients for success. Unsure she possessed the talent for art school, Whitney chose to attend Baylor University to study Art History. She never forgot what self-doubt prevented her from pursuing and has been committed to believing in herself and her talents ever since.  

(Baylor turned out to be the right choice, though. It’s where she met her husband!)

Whitney hopes the colors and textures of her pieces reflect the bold, confident artist she has become. She tries to see a blank canvas through the eyes of her children, unclouded by adulthood – a place to create something out of nothing without fear. 

More recently, Whitney’s work has been a reflection of her adaptability. Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, her hands do not always work the way she wants, forcing Whitney to experiment with different tools, different grips, and different medias. Her art has evolved in new ways that align with her journey. 

Whitney’s goal is that her paintings inspire serenity. In a fast-paced world, she hopes you will see her work and pause for a moment to reflect on the tiny joys that are all around. 


Abstract Minis